8 Seconds

8 Seconds
A Buckin' Press-Your-Luck Rodeo Game
1-8 Players - 10-20 minutes
Development Period: February 2016-December 2016
Status: Publisher Submissions

8 Seconds is an entry in the 2016 PnP Game Design Awards!  Please take a look at 8 Seconds and all the other great, free PnP games here.  Voting is open through March 15, 2017.  http://georgejaros.com/PNPGDA/?GID=43

8 Seconds is a press-your-luck dice and card game for 1-8 players about the action and excitement of bull riding in a rodeo.  Roll your dice and match your moves to the moves of the Bulls.  But beware the rodeo clowns!  There are only two on staff, so if you roll a third Rodeo Clown you’ll have to fill in and you won’t score your Bull!

Components consist of 8 dice, a deck of 28 Bull cards, 30 Foul Tokens, and 8 reference cards.

Dice can have one of five different values on each face: Turn, Buck, Kick, Blank, or Rodeo Clown.  Rodeo Clowns are kept, Blanks are rerolled, and everything else can either be kept or rerolled.

There is also a deck of 28 Bull cards.  Each Bull requires 3-7 dice to be placed on it.  Players must match their dice rolls to the moves indicated on the cards (turns, kicks, and bucks) in order to successfully ride the Bull.  At the start of a player's turn they draw three Bull cards and then roll the dice.  They can reroll dice as needed, according to the rules, until they either get Bucked Off (have three Rodeo Clowns, or too many Rodeo Clowns to successfully ride a Bull), choose to Dismount, or successfully Ride a Bull.  After each roll, including the initial roll, the player must discard one of the their Bull cards before they can reroll.  If they successfully ride a Bull before getting Bucked Off they'll get to collect that Bull card and earn the points indicated.

Throughout the game players can also earn Foul Tokens that let them reroll Rodeo Clown dice, gain extra Bulls to attempt, reroll without discarding a Bull, or earn extra points at the end of the game.

The game goes until one player has successfully ridden three Bulls, and then everyone else gets a final turn.  The winner is the player with the most points in Bulls and Foul Tokens.

The Riders - Mini Expansion - The Riders is a mini expansion for 8 Seconds that adds a bit of variety by giving each player special abilities.  At the beginning of the game each player will get to take on the role of a character.  Throughout the game players can use their characters' special abilities to affect their turns and drive their strategies.  The Riders includes 20 different characters.

Golden Buckle - Mini Expansion - The Golden Buckle mini expansion adds several Golden Buckle cards that require all eight dice to earn.  At the beginning of each game four Golden Buckles are laid out.  If any player successfully completes a Golden Buckle they may acquire it, and still Ride a Bull.  Golden Buckles provide various rewards, from extra points to special Foul Token bonuses and do not count toward the three Bull end of game trigger.

Vegas Showdown - Full Expansion - Vegas Showdown adds betting to 8 Seconds!  Now, when you're not trying to ride a bull, you can place bets on the outcome of your opponents!  Each player's turn also includes two rounds of betting that don't slow the pace of the game at all.  After the rider reveals the three bulls each other player can place a single $2 bet by playing a card face-down.  Once the dice are rolled the gamblers can place a second $2 bet, either on a separate outcome or doubling down on their original bet.  When the rider finishes the ride payouts are collected from the bank, lost bets are returned to the bank, and the rider has a chance to make a few bucks, too!  This is by far the biggest change to the game in months and it's turned 8 Seconds into an incredibly great time!  Give it a try now!  Vegas Showdown adds five cards per player (including a reference card), three variant cards, and a set of poker chips.

2/26/2016 - Released the PnP files!
3/2/2016 - Added PDF files for dice stickers!
3/7/2016 - Added PDF of full color poker sized cards and renamed the previous file as low ink cards.  Also made a few minor updates to the low ink reference cards to match the iconography on the dice.
3/7/2016 - Added graphics for Foul Tokens that resemble wooden nickels.  There are 12 single sided tokens on the address label sheet and 24 double sided tokens on the full sheet label.  Foul Tokens are not supposed to be limited, so if you need more, print more or use something else.
4/22/2016 - Made a few updates after some suggestions at Protospiel Milwaukee earlier this month.  The cards and tokens are the same (reference cards have had a few tweaks), however there have been a few very minor tweaks to the rules (related to how Foul Tokens are earned and their value at the end of the game) and there are new custom dice stickers (there is a new distribution of dice - 4 green, 2 yellow, 2 red - yellow and red have 2 bucks and kicks respectively and 2 clowns now).
5/1/2016 - Made one more update to the rules that I think will solve the last two issues that irked me about the game.  Now, in order to reroll you have to discard a Bull.  No more rolling over and over when you're down to just one Bull.  Now you'll either successfully ride a bull, get too many clowns, or have to dismount.  But to counter this you can trade Foul Tokens in to either retrieve a Rodeo Clown die, like usual, or to add another bull to your lineup.  This solves two issues - the issue of being able to reroll almost indefinitely in some cases, and the issue of giving up at the end because you don't have enough points in your lineup to catch the leader.  Now, if you've saved up enough Foul Tokens you'll be able to trade them in to get higher point Bulls in your lineup.  It should also make getting Foul Tokens a little easier since you'll be forced to dismount more often, but also give you more reason to spend them.  Rules have been updated (and formatted nicer) and reference cards have been updated (also formatted nicer).
5/2/2016 - After playing with the updated dice for a while I felt the game was too easy. so I've adjusted the rules so that three clowns ends a player's turn instead of four.  This seems to be the right balance of difficulty.  I've also started working on a mini expansion called The Riders.  This includes 20 characters that give each player a special ability that can be used throughout the game to give players a little more control of their rides and drive strategies.  There is no artwork for these cards yet, but there are rough mockups of the characters in the Full Color Cards file.  Also the reference cards and rules have been updated with the latest changes, and also a score chart that gives you a rank based on your scores.
5/6/2016 - Last change, I hope, at least to the main game.  I haven't fully tested The Riders yet, so there may be changes to those abilities still.  I changed Foul Tokens once more.  Now, in addition to being used to retrieve a Rodeo Clown or add another Bull to the lineup, they can also be traded in to reroll without having to discard a Bull.  This seems to work really well when pushing your luck to get that last Bull ridden.  I've also made Foul Tokens worth 1 point each at the end of the game again, now that they're more valuable during gameplay.  Also, the Low Ink cards have been updated with all the latest changes, including the draft abilities from The Riders.
6/9/2016 - Added in the Golden Buckle mini expansion cards.  Also made a minor change to a First Roll Clown Out.  Now, instead of just getting a Foul Token, players have a choice of either taking two Foul Tokens or discarding the highest point Bull and rerolling all eight dice and continuing their turn.  Last changes?  Maybe?  Hopefully? =)
7/24/2016 - Very minor tweak to the Golden Buckle rules.  Changed how many Golden Buckle cards are revealed at the beginning of the game and also added a rule so that if you collect a Golden Buckle on your turn that's your full turn.  You can't continue and collect a Bull, too.  NOTE: I'm working on collecting images that I'll be able to use royalty free instead of the various Google search images that I'm using for the prototype.  So soon there will be new PDF files with photos I'll have a license to use.  This won't change the gameplay at all, but the cards will look a bit different.
9/17/2016 - After playing at Protospiel Chicago I made one more small change to the Golden Buckles.  Now a Golden Buckle may also be acquired with 7 dice and 2 Foul Tokens.  2 Foul Tokens can be used as a wild to replace one die, but that is it.  You can't replace more than one die.
10/24/2016 - After playing at Protospiel Madison, the core rules are solid and won't likely change.  However and awesome idea came up to allow players to bet on the off-turn.  So they can bet on the outcome of the current rider's turn.  We tested a very simple version of this and it worked great, so the next update will be coming soon and will have rules for a larger expansion called 8 Seconds - Vegas Showdown.  I'm super excited about this since it solves the minor issue of significant downtime in games with 5-8 players.  Plus it was super fun!
12/1/2016 - Files for 8 Seconds - Vegas Showdown have been uploaded!  It has been playtesting great and I feel it's ready for public release!  Vegas Showdown requires 4 cards per player, plus 1 reference card.  There are also three additional cards for a variant of Vegas Showdown. You'll also need a set of poker chips in $1, $2, $5, and $10 denominations.  8 Seconds is now a press-your-luck game where everyone is engaged throughout the entire game, even when they're not rolling the dice!
12/12/2016 - MAJOR UPDATE - After some blind playtesting sessions that I got feedback on, I've decided to adjust the points values of the Bulls.  2, 4, and 6 point Bulls are now worth 3, 5, and 7 points respectively.  Also, during setup, remove the 15 point Bulls and use them to start the discard pile.  They won't come into the game until after the initial deck has cycled once.  I've found that this helps keep more players closer together score wise, while still keeping the excitement of a big ride for a come-from-behind win towards the end of the game.  I've also tweaked the payouts in Vegas Showdown to encourage betting on outcomes other than Ride a Bull.

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